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Petroleum Products Retail Outlets owners Association of Nigeria (PETROAN) is a non for –profit and nonpolitical organization, aim to promote the welfare of her members and to promote Unity and Stability in the Petroleum Retail Sector to impact positively on the Petroleum Industry in Nigeria.


  1. To ensure that all Products Retail Stations owners, other Government approved petroleum selling outlets and licensed individual Company petroleum dumps belong to this association.
  2. To improve, regulate and maintain constant cordial relationship between members and government agencies as well as settlement of conflicts that may arise between the parties.
  3. To achieve a peaceful, stable, and conducive business environment for the members, devoid of harassment, intimidation and unpleasant attacks by anti-business elements.
  4. To work as a co-operative for the sourcing and securing of petroleum products from all government-approved depots in Nigeria for the benefit of members to ensure constant availability and sustenance of the products within the state at a minimal price.
  5. To collaborate and synergize with all Federal government statutory agencies of the downstream sub-sector as well as security agencies for the effective execution of our set goals and objectives.
  6. To contribute to the socio-economic development of our nation in the effective distribution of Petroleum products, create employment and revenue generation.
  7. To create awareness and keep members abreast of the latest information regarding the business.
  8. To provide other benefits and assistance to -members as provided in the CONSTITUTION.
  9. To encourage members to join the educative, informative and beneficial national and international business association`s for the improvement of their businesses.
  10. To organize, train and to inform members of national and international seminars, training and workshops that are beneficial and healthy for business growth.
  11. To assist members to facilitate their traveling documents for the purpose of No 9 and No 10.


The Motto of the Association shall be “Unity and Progress”